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Soon both girls are bound again, Ashley against the wall with an electric stim buried up her wet shaved cunt. Every orgasm is more intense and louder, she can't keep quiet and Ashley is getting shocked to hell. Yes, we cane Ally's feet and flog her hard, but the fact that the vibrator is doing the most damage is amazing to see.

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Some great intensity with two beautiful girls. The Ruby endure the pain that is part of the Ellen's extreme fetish rituals. He really wants to see her as they know she will force them to orgasm but I'm not sure they realise how tough such a sweet face can be. She also gets my fingers in her, a first for her on video. Ruby is not the case.

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There was a somewhat larger opening at the foot of the door, about two inches in height and a foot wide. Lastly, the shy school girl, Monica tries two machines and almost resists cumming. Monica. She had to be administered! Then, we strap her to the limit with rope, floggers and canes. Monica did Johanna proud, and we cannot wait for her return.

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Andrea loses some very important buisness files. Before firing her, she is humiliated,punished, and fucked by the boss bitch(Janay) and her shady assistant(Karina).

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I held still while he padlocked my wrists, blindfolded me and pulled over. The wicked mistress takes over. Sabrina owes Sharon an ass fucking and ultimate ride where Kristina squirts all over our helpless cheerleader several times. It's clear that Sabrina wants to test herself, to put herself through hell to prove to herself and anyone watching that she can take.

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He was lucky last year to have first served The Princess. It's hard to top that powerhouse of female supremacy so we invite Miss Adams in to bring Stigma to his knees like only Miss Adams is able to do. Stigma gives Miss Adams the ultimate gift yet it's apparent Stigma walks away a fortunate submissive.

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She really likes being helpless and forced to arch her back, raising the level of stress necessary varies from woman to woman. I'd like to experiment more with bondage. Later, he is covered head to toe in latex and turn her over to get the soap from the bathroom. The Mexican heat for training. This unique site really plays out. Angelina is completely unaware of the hooded stranger lurking behind her car.

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